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Healing with Integrated Medicine
Healing with Integrated Medicine

Healing with Integrated Medicine

There are several fields in medicine, not only dealing with the particular areas of specialization, like neurology, general medicine, etc. but also the way they heal different ailments, like Allopathy, Homeopathy, etc. Recently, A Journalist Reveals came across a new field of medicine called Integrated Medicine where several forms of medicine come together to cure ailments holistically. We consulted Dr. Kirti Mutreja, for more information about the field and how patients are treated this way. The interview on Healing with Integrated Medicine is in the following video:

About Dr. Kirti Mutreja:

Dr. Kirti Mutreja (B.H.M.S) is a practicing Homoeopathic Consultant. In her experience of over 12 years, she specializes in treating allergies, skin diseases, pediatric ailments, gynecological disorders and other chronic diseases. In a commitment to provide holistic care to the patients, she scientifically integrates treatment modalities suitable for patient’s constitution. During her pursuit towards achieving permanent cure where diseases are not just managed but their progress is checked and the disease process reversed, she has equipped herself with the knowledge of Naturopathy, yoga, psychological counseling and basic tenets of Ayurveda. Also, she has teamed up with doctors from the other disciplines from Bhaktivedanta Hospital, Mumbai, so that together they strive to prevent the progress of diseases and promote health in patients.

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