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Past Life Regression – a Case-Study (Part II)
Past Life Regression – a Case-Study (Part II)

Past Life Regression – a Case-Study (Part II)

A Journalist Reveals was on the lookout for someone, who could help us with some information on Past Life Regression, for a long time. We, recently, encountered Barkha Prabhakar, who agreed to share some insights on a case that came to her. Here is what she had to say about Past Life Regression – a Case-Study (Part II).


What kind of people comes to you for going back to their past?

A lot of people approach me to travel back to their past lives purely due to the hype and fascination that surrounds this modality! A few years ago there was a TV show that dramatized past life regression and triggered the curiosity of many. But now that hype has died down and so I get more genuine cases.

PLR clients are mostly those who are unable to understand why a particular problem continues to persist, despite certain actions or remedial steps that they have taken. These issues can range from toxic relationships that refuse to improve with time, issues related to generations suffering from either financial, legal or health based matters or for illogical fears and phobias among others. I have also conducted PLR for clients with birthmarks as these largely originate from a previous life. Emotional scars remain with us even though we get brand new bodies each time. Past life emotions can reside in our bodies in the form of cellular memories.

Take up one case where you share your experience. You can change the name or keep the person’s name anonymous.

There was an interesting case that reflected a common phenomenon in today’s times where the core issue of a client was identified in a past life. She was a 40-year-old woman who was unmarried and this was troubling her.

What was their problem?

She was beginning to lose confidence in herself and in relationships, in general. My client couldn’t understand why no man wanted to marry her! She blamed herself and her perceived inadequacies and this was affecting all areas of her life.

What motivated them to come to you?

Clients usually approach me after having tried all other types of inner work and remedial acts such as getting adopting a better lifestyle, shifting to a new location or following their passion. That’s how she came to me, as a last resort. Also there was no logical reason for her not to attract a life partner. She was pretty, intelligent, successful and a good, honest person at heart.

Barkha Prabhakar
Barkha Prabhakar

About Barkha Prabhakar:

Barkha Prabhakar is a hypnotherapist. Originally educated in Communication and Psychology, Barkha holds a Masters Degree in English Literature, with Psychology as her second subject, followed by a Post Graduation degree in Public Relations and Advertising. Prior to being a Clinical Hypnotherapist, she has worked in the Communications industry for more than 11 years.

To be continued…

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