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Nivea Products

Nivea Products Review

Nupur Bajoria from Clea PR contacted me recently regarding some new products that had been launched under the aegis of the brand Nivea. She sent the 4 products – Nivea Protect and Care Deodorant, Nivea Men Fresh Ocean Deodorant, Nivea Essential Lip Care and Nivea Fruity Lip Care.


She also shared a mail regarding 2 of the products – Nivea Protect and Care Deodorant: Nivea Creme ingredients and scent is now available in a Deodorant and Roll on format.

Nivea Protect and Care Deodorant
Nivea Protect and Care Deodorant

Some deodorants are particularly effective against body odour, while some other deodorants are particularly mild without being effective. Women today prefer a deodorant that fully protects them from body odour, however the day turns out to be, and at the same time, to be gentle on their underarm skin.

The delicate underarm skin is exposed to many irritants like ordinary deodorants and hair removal products. Besides, they are many times hidden under tight clothes that cause friction and humidity. Thus, caring for the underarms is imperative.

With 25 years expertise of deodorant manufacture, Nivea now presents Nivea Protect and Care. Its unique formula not only protects against body odour but also offers delicate underarm care.

The formula is alcohol-free and developed with selected ingredients with caring properties. Mild, non-irritating, it is well-endured by the delicate underarm skin. The fast-absorbing non-sticky formula leaves the skin soft, comfortable and dry.

Like the Nivea Creme, the fragrance of Nivea Protect and Care is especially fresh and pure.

90% of women surveyed find Nivea Protect and Care Deodorant Spray:

  • Protects against body odour all day long.
  • No irritation in the delicate underarm skin.
  • Combines odour protection with gentle care in one deodorant.
  • Has the one of its kind Nivea crème fragrance.
Nivea Men Fresh Ocean Deodorant
Nivea Men Fresh Ocean Deodorant

Nivea Men Fresh Ocean Deodorant: Enjoy Ocean Freshness. Men today are seeking long lasting freshness and effective protection against body odour to feel confident all day long.

With its 25 years of deodorant expertise, Nivea now offers Nivea Men Fresh Ocean Deodorant this summer, increasing its range of freshness deodorants in the men’s deodorant category. The male consumer is constantly seeking for newer options or variants and this launch aims to offer them a new choice to stay fresh in the scorching summer heat.

Enjoy ocean freshness with the aqua fresh fragrance of the Nivea Men Fresh Ocean Deodorant. Its aromatic, woody and aquatic ingredients provide long lasting masculine fragrance and day long effective protection against body odour. Choose to stay fresh.

Our Take: My Mom and I used Nivea Protect and Care Deodorant. When we apply this deodorant, we can go out with confidence. Though the roll on was launched, that product was not sent for review. Dad used Nivea Men Fresh Ocean Deodorant. It is pleasant, mild and soothing. Once applied both the deodorants are effective for 48 hours. Both the products make us feel really fresh and confident.

Nivea Lip Care Products
Nivea Lip Care Products

Before you use the lip care products, we suggest you scrub the dead cells off your lips. Nivea Fruity Lip Care had a strawberry flavour. Essential Lip Care feels warm on the lips, like we have applied Vicks Vaporub over it! But both the products effectively reduce chapped lips as expected.

All these products have the typical Nivea fragrance and are available at all major outlets across India.

Prices: Nivea Protect and Care Deodorant 150 ml.- Rs.199/-, Nivea Men Fresh Ocean Deodorant 150 ml. – Rs.199/-, Nivea Essential Lip Care 10 gms – Rs.45/- and Nivea Fruity Lip Care 10 gms – Rs.45/-.


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