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Importance of Mint (Pudina)

Mint or pudina is a very useful plant, medicinally as well as in culinary affairs. Daily use in food is very good. It can be used in various ways. Its use helps the metabolism, which becomes better.
Particularly, if you are in a hurry and bored of having jams and ketchups with bread or roti, the following dish made of pudina, will be a tasty and healthy alternative:
Chop pudina into small pieces and add powdered jaggery, finely chopped onion, a little salt, pepper powder and cumin powder to it. If you like the taste and flavor, you can add powdered asafetida. Having eaten this, the body feels light and you have a feeling of wellness in you. This dish can be had with rice and salad, too.
It need not be eaten only for breakfast. It can be had for lunch, dinner or as a tea-time snack. If stomach feels uncomfortable, this mixture can be had. Then have a glass of lukewarm water. This removes the discomfort.


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