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Celebrate Holi with a Handful of Colors and Almonds!
Celebrate Holi with a Handful of Colors and Almonds!

Celebrate Holi with a Handful of Colors and Almonds!

Today, let’s have a chat and the topic is – Celebrate Holi with a Handful of Colors and Almonds! Most people, in India and elsewhere, know the significance of Holi. This post shares the importance of Holi for some celebrities.

Celebrate Holi with a Handful of Colors and Almonds!

Loaded water guns and balloons waiting to find its next potential target. Faces being smeared with resplendent colours against flashing-white teeth. Children and elderlies running, dancing, playing alike, stuffing mouths with sweets and drinks. There are no brownie points for guessing it right – yes, it is time for Holi!

Fun, frolic and food are at the very heart of Holi. And as we very enthusiastically gear up to celebrate the festival of colors, why not make some thoughtful choices too! Like protecting the skin from abrasive paints by opting for organic colors, eating right to ward off the sniffles of changing season, swapping gujiyas and other sweet delicacies with nutritious foods like almonds. Almonds are also known to be the gift of good health, making them a great gift to share with friends, family and loved ones.

Speaking about celebrating Holi, leading Bollywood Actor Soha Ali Khan said, “Everyone in my family looks forward to celebrating Holi. However, I am always careful about what my family uses and eats during this time. On Holi, I only use organic colours and paints and replace sweets with flavoured or chocolate almonds. I always opt for almonds as a snack as they are satiating and also pack in a lot of goodness such as protein, fibre, vitamin E and other vital nutrients. Besides, regular almond consumption can provide benefits across heart health, diabetes, weight management and satiety, as well as skin health, which makes them a thoughtful gift, which will surely add to the receiver’s overall wellness.”

Kannada Actor Priyanka Upendra commented, “Gifts for me are very special. So, I prefer to put in a little more thought and effort while sharing gifts with my loved ones. I always add in a box of assorted almonds in the package as they are known to be a gift of good health. Comprising of a lot of good nutrients such as fibre, protein, iron, folate, almonds make for a perfect replacement for sweets.”

Nisha Ganesh, Tamil Actor said, “An important part of the festivities is exchanging gifts, and I make it a point to share gifts which promote a healthy lifestyle. Almonds have been and continue to be a top choice for me as they are versatile and nutritious. They can be easily included in various Indian recipes, eaten as a snack when hungry or served to guests as a part of the festive spread. Added to that, almonds are also known to provide immunity supporting nutrients like zinc, folate, vitamin E and iron, which makes them a great gift for anyone and everyone.”

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