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The Service

The Service Review

About the Author: He was the eyes and ears of the Chief Minister, a former Chief Secretary to the Chief Minister of Karnataka. Now, 13 years post his retirement, IAS Officer N Viswanathan has brought out his all-revealing book about the inner workings of the bureaucracy.


About the Book: The author has weaved complicated situations with incidents and quotes in a captivating account in his very first book The Service. IAS Officer N Viswanathan talks about the inner workings of the bureaucracy. He tells how through bureaucracy you can bring about a positive change and contribute to the society.

Our Take: Generally, bureaucracy is a government term, but the author says how it can be extended to the society. In the many roles he played and positions he took in the 36 years of his service, he has always looked at improving economy, employment opportunities, management services (especially in KSRTC), spurred change, introduced initiatives and looked at how the citizens could be benefited. He found that the management was highly unorganized and targeted those loopholes to bring peace. He brought definition to policies which were rather abstract. He maximized the employment potential and saw many schemes and initiatives from scratch to finish and ensured it reached the deserving and rural poor.

Each chapter follows the same pattern – issue, solution and satisfaction of the concerned people. After a time it gets boring, I don’t know about non-fiction readers. I am more into fiction and very rarely or almost never read non-fiction. But the language in this book is impressive. Unfortunately it did not sustain my interest in what the author wanted to say.

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Book Title: The Service.

Genre(s): Non-Fiction.

Author: N Viswanathan.

Publisher (Year): Maiya Publishing. (2015).

ISBN: 978-81-931343-2-0.

Number of Pages: 214.

Price: Rs.300/-.

Contact Details of Publisher:


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