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Nyra Banerjee

Nyra Banerjee – Law Student-Turned-Actor

Nyra Banerjee took a 5-year law course, but took up acting as a career option. The movie she signed after the first one – One Night Stand released recently. She is playing the wife in the flick but does not reveal anything else about the movie or her role in it. A Journalist Reveals chatted with her to know more about her and here are the excerpts:


Where were you born? Tell us something about your childhood.
I was born and brought up in Mumbai. I belong to a Bengali Brahmin family and live with my parents. I do not come from a filmy background, so I myself have to slog hard and make my way. My mother is a writer and a novelist.

Full educational qualifications.

I have done a five years integrated law course from Mumbai University and have specialized in Intellectual Property Rights.

A Still from One Night Stand
A Still from One Night Stand

What did your parents say when you decided to take up acting as your career?

From childhood my parents nurtured me in various Arts like singing, dancing and drawing. However, auditions happened and I got selected and propelled me to this profession. I enjoy singing a lot.

Is One Night Stand your first movie? If not, which was your first movie?

I had signed and shot for some other movie but One Night Stand has released first I prefer the filmmakers announcing it.

Tell us something about your role in One Night Stand.

I play “the wife” in the movie.  Simran is modern girl who had by choice dedicated her life, her heart and her soul to her husband. See the movie for the rest. (Grins)

With Sunny Leone working in the movie, do you think you will be noticed?

The film is about two protagonists. One is Sunny. The other is me. Thus I expect to be noticed.

Nyra Banerjee
Nyra Banerjee

What are your other current projects?

I prefer the makers to announce them.  I am busy shooting from May for an upcoming project.

What do you see 10 years hence?

In 10 years’ time, I expect to become an accomplished actor, singer with a secure and happy home life and a socially aware and contributing individual.

What do you do when not in front of the camera?

I do script reading, meetings, audition, practicing music whenever I get a breather from all this, shopping with my mother, workouts, chilling with friends. I’m also a counselor for many of my friends as they say I give unbiased opinions.


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