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Why an old woman was against the name Vajresh?
Why an old woman was against the name Vajresh?


The editor of A Journalist Reveals, Yashaswini called my Mom with a strange request. She told my Mom about a friend’s dilemma. The girl has had 8 miscarriages and had prayed that if she would get a living child, she would name them Maheshwari, if a girl and Vajresh, if a boy.



A boy was born to her. The name Vajresh offended her MIL and she created a big scene. When the girl’s husband Sarvesh came home, he tried to mollify his mother saying all Vajreshs are not the same. But, the older woman did not listen. She said, “You know the issue about Vajresh. Why don’t you tell your wife not to name your son that?”

At night, the girl’s husband explained that Vajresh was his twin brother. He was brought up by their father’s family and had picked up all bad habits since childhood. Once he stole some cash from somewhere and the police were involved. He was sent to the juvenile home. After a few days, he ran away from the home and the police raided their home looking for him.

Due to bad repute, Sarvesh and his mother shifted to Maharashtra from their native place. The MIL put her foot down regarding the name. The girl contacted Yashaswini through a mutual friend to solve the issue.

Mom told Yashaswini to request them to postpone the naming ceremony and contact her on Thursday. Mom comes from the family of Raghavendra Swamy of Mantralayam Road. Her insights on Thursdays have been very helpful to several people.

Do you want to know what happened after this? Stay tuned.

To be continued…

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