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Vichy Oil-Control Shampoo

Vichy Oil-Correcting Shampoo Review

Greasy hair is caused by overactive sebum or oil production, which irritates and destabilizes the scalp. Hair quickly becomes limp, dull and lifeless.

Vichy Oil-Control Shampoo
Vichy Oil-Control Shampoo

Vichy Oil-Correcting Shampoo is an exclusive Anti-Sebum Complex combining four carefully balanced and selected surfactants to help limit the spread of sebum along the capillary fibers and preserves the scalp’s natural balance.
The expected results are a cleansed scalp, hair becoming greasy less quickly, hair becoming light and easier to style. Research shows that out of the 132 people tested, 90% got body and volume in their hair.
Our Take: As expected, the shampoo cleanses well. My hair being dry, I oiled my hair before using this shampoo. The hair becomes manageable. The consistency of the shampoo is convenient for applying on the hair and scalp.
Price: Rs.1700 for a 200 ml bottle.


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