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The Origins of Caste

Post the publication of the last article – Shunning the Brahmin, we are continuing with the Origins of Caste, today.


The Origins of Caste:

The caste or the varna system has been grossly misconstrued by the subsequent generations, post its conception. The Origins of Caste system lay in grouping individuals according to their work-skills and profession. Brahmins taught and wrote scriptures, Kshatriyas were warriors, Vaisyas were merchants and Sudras completed all the other tasks that the previous castes did not do. There was nothing low or high in it. Over a period of time, it began to be used as a weapon to denigrate the supposed lower castes. Unfortunately, it was the Brahmins, who initiated this happening. But, today, when most of the caste demographics are changing, it is an injustice to blame Brahmins of today for the behavior of those eons ago.

Today, the situation has been worsened despite inter-marriages between castes. The caste system has grown into a monster called reservation and every possible caste wants it. The condition is that most government jobs are contracted to the supposed scheduled castes. If a seat/job dedicated to the scheduled caste is not filled one year, the seat/job is carried over to the next year and the number of recruits from these castes increase. The open category candidates have to be satisfied with what can only be called as freelancing. Slowly, the % of reservation is being increased. If 100% of the school/college seats and jobs will be distributed to the different castes, what will happen to the open category people? The competition will not remain fair.

They do not have a choice than to find something they would not want to do and that too in the private sector. Soon reservation might engulf the private sector as well. Once we met a man, who had completed an M.Com but was driving an Ola cab for his livelihood. Soon, Artifical Intelligence is going to replace human drivers. Thrown out of jobs, what would these people from the open category do? There is a provision in the reservation act that the creamy layer or the richer candidates from the scheduled castes would not be given the seats/jobs. But, when a caste certificate is shown, do the concerned authorities follow these rules?

I am a proud Brahmin – at home – because I have followed the profession of the caste – teaching and writing. Brahmins of yore wrote the traditional scriptures. I write modern ones. And the fact that I am a vegetarian. It is all the better since a whole revolution of veganism is taking over. For me, milk and its products are vegetarian because no entity has been killed for obtaining them. Outside, I am a human being. Brahmins have become frustrated and have given up hopes of being heard. Looking for livelihood, they have to leave the country and stay away from their families. Abroad as well, there is no guarantee that their job will continue. It’s a vicious circle that needs to be broken. It is time for action from the people, who can act. Brahmins are also humans. Why the step-motherly treatment? But, am I being heard? That’s the big question.

With inputs from Gayatri T Rao

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