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From a Psychiatrist’s Diary
From a Psychiatrist’s Diary

From a Psychiatrist’s Diary (IV and Concluding Part)

This is a real incident from a Psychiatrist’s diary. It is a continuation of the previous part – From a Psychiatrist’s Diary (Part III). Shweta’s husband left for his office and she saw that Meena was decorated as a bride and being taken away. Meena had died the previous night. Shweta found it shocking! Meena would often tell her friend that she wanted to go out with her husband dressed up like a bride. But, he never liked to go out with her. He was having an affair with a younger girl and would go out with her. Shweta had asked him once if his behavior was justified toward Meena. He had angrily put her in her place. Now, Meena’s body was cremated as a bride.


Shweta went to meet a common friend before the time of her husband’s return from the office and asked her what had happened to Meena. The friend told her that Meena had low sugar issues, which was diagnosed only 2 days ago. The letter that the doctor had given was Meena’s death certificate. Because Meena’s MIL had declined to get her medical tests done, Meena’s disease was not diagnosed at the right time.

The evening before her death, Meena had experienced chest pain. Meena’s son worked in a pharmacy and kept some medicines at home. He gave her paracetamol for her chest pain, instead of taking her to the doctor or calling one. It turned out that Meena had died of a heart attack! We have mentioned this incident before in this article.

Meena’s DIL cried bitterly after Meena was cremated. Meena’s DIL’s mother also cried her heart out, regretting the fact that she performed the black magic on an innocent person. Within 15 days, Meena’s husband wanted to marry his girlfriend. Meena’s DIL put her foot down and said that he did not have any right to do it after treating his wife Meena, badly. His DIL insisted that if he wanted to marry someone, he should leave their home. The DIL went to Shweta and cried her heart out. Shweta took her to her MIL’s psychiatrist and got her stress medicine. Shweta even took her to a counselor.

A Journalist Reveals spoke to the psychiatrist. He told us on the condition of anonymity, “Meena’s MIL did the biggest mistake of not following my instructions fully. The medical tests were crucial. Meena could have been saved if her disease had been diagnosed at the right time.”

A Journalist Reveals analyzes:

  1. There are many phenomena in the world. Human beings have not yet found out about many of them. One of them is the so-called black magic. We actually don’t know what it is. Look at it this way. There are positive and negative vibrations. The so-called black magic can produce negative vibrations. We need to be careful. We should not indulge in the unknown without expert help. As far as black magic is concerned; we do not know, who the experts are. There are several Babas available in many places, nowadays. We cannot be sure that they are experts or fly-by-night operators. Even if they are experts, we do not know if they have an ulterior motive behind what they do. And there is no telling what kind of side-effects an activity can result in.
  2. Besides, Meena’s son did something even a pharmacy graduate would not dare. He thought he knew everything about medicine just because he worked in a medical shop.
  3. Following doctor’s prescriptions are mandatory. If we are not happy with the prescriptions of one doctor, we can consult another one. But, ignoring part of the recommendations became fatal for Meena.
  4. Visiting a psychiatrist has become a necessity, these days due to stress. We go to the doctor for the treatment of bodily ailments. Similarly, a psychiatrist treats our mind. People often look down upon people, who visit psychiatrists. They call psychiatric patients as mad. This is not only illegal but also a sin.

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