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Antidote to Mental Health Crisis – Resilience (Part 2)

Today let’s look at the Antidote to Mental Health Crisis – Resilience (Part 2). The option is explored by Jaya Mehrotra – a Prominent Leadership Coach and Founder of Women Leadership Circle.


Antidote to Mental Health Crisis – Resilience (Part 2)

Beyond Self-Help: Society’s Call for Resilience

Resilience extends beyond individual efforts; it has a ripple effect in society. Much like connected brain cells form the foundation of cognitive resilience, a supportive community nurtures societal resilience. Governments, schools, and companies need to unite, creating an environment where resilience is cultivated from an early age. This ensures that caring for mental well-being becomes a collective endeavor.

Embracing Vulnerability: Unexpected Strength

Embracing vulnerability is the true cornerstone of unexpected strength. It’s in acknowledging our imperfections that we forge unbreakable connections and foster emotional resilience. Often, we become tightly sealed containers, resembling pressure cookers, when we avoid revealing our vulnerabilities. Suppressing our emotions turns them into simmering forces within. This is why authentic self-expression holds paramount importance.

Within this suppression, a dual phenomenon unfolds. Firstly, we imprison our emotions, allowing them to fester. Secondly, we confine our vulnerability, preventing growth. By freely sharing our feelings, we circumvent this pressure cooker effect. Regularly expressing emotions in a composed manner diffuses potential emotional explosions, fostering resilience.

Consider a scenario where expressing hurt becomes a catalyst for open communication. Vocalizing the pain caused by someone’s words on day one avoids bottling up emotions. This self-awareness and articulation not only empower us but also construct a foundation of resilience.

To be continued…


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