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Delusion (Hindi: Vehem)

Students Vajresh and Kishan go to their class. Kishan touches the threshold of the class and worships it. Then, he enters the class by placing his right foot in first. Vajresh laughs and tells everybody in the class to laugh again. The teacher enters the class. Kishan informs the teacher that they were laughing at him and cries.


The teacher asks Vajresh, “Why are you making fun of him?”

The student replies, “He does not know the difference between delusion and reality. He worshiped the threshold before entering the class. Isn’t this a delusion?”

The teacher asks, “First tell me what is the meaning of reality and delusion.”

Vajresh informs, “What you explain in class is reality and what you think we have understood is delusion.”

The teacher keeps this in mind and he tells the students to study a lesson 10-10 times. He also tells them that he would be asking some questions about the lesson.


The next day the teacher asks Vajresh if he had studied at all.

Vajresh replies that he had studied.

The teacher asks if he had studied 10 times.

The student replies that he had.

He asks the first question to Vajresh. But, the student does not have an answer. The others readily reply.

Vajresh is asked as many as 5 questions. He does not know the replies and the others reply.

The teacher tells Kishan to stand up and says, “Now, I will explain the difference between delusion and reality. I thought all you students had brains. But, that turned out to be delusion. And Vajresh does not have a brain. That is the truth! Did you understand now? Don’t mingle with these types of students. You will also lose your brain in that process.”

Now-a-days, even teachers have to be crooked to deal with crooked and notorious children.

I told my friend about this incident. She said, “I wonder how does Vajresh’s father earn money. He is sending his wasteful son to such a costly school. Someone should find out his father’s business and how much brain does his father have.”


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