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Trip to Pali Beach Resort (Part III)

Let’s have the article, Trip to Pali Beach Resort (Part III), for today. This is the last part of the series. We informed the manager at the outset that we are vegetarian and do not even have mushrooms. The manager assured us that they have separate pantries for vegetarian and non-vegetarian food and was very helpful.


Trip to Pali Beach Resort (Part III)

On the day, we checked in, we ordered some sandwiches and coffee through room service. They had sent some potato wafers with the sandwiches. We are South Indians and coffee addicts. Every 2-3 hours, we ordered coffee. 😀

After looking around in the afternoon, we returned to our room and watched TV. We were unwinding and enjoying it. That night, we had chappatis and Punjabi Dum Aloo, for dinner; which was quite filling. So much so that we rested till late in the morning, the next day.

The next day, we were not in the mood to go our and spent the time watching movies on TV and lazing around on the comfortable bed. The manager was kind enough to place an extra mattress for us since we were 3 of us in the same room.

Trip to Pali Beach Resort (Part III)
The TV 😊

Our breakfast on the second day was poha with again coffee. While we were ordering on room service, the girl at the reception got me in touch with the guy at the restaurant’s reception. He was from Udupi and was happy to know that our native place is also in Karnataka. That night we had chappatis and mixed vegetable hariyali.

The next morning was our day of check-out. We ordered only coffee that morning because we had some packing to do.

Trip to Pali Beach Resort (Part III)
The Food

Our Take

  • We had a nice time at the resort. And believe me, our stress was gone by the time we left on the third day.
  • We wanted to climb the Machaan, during the stay. But we were too tired to move around the second day.
  • Room service was really good. The workers were good and efficient.
  • The food was brought in hygienic and transparent covered packaging. We loved the food, too.
  • But we would have enjoyed better, if they had a beauty spa. 😔

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