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Forensics has a Lot of Potential, says Dr. Rajesh Babu

Some months back, we had introduced Gujarat Forensic Sciences University (GFSU established in July 2009) in a profile article. People are not much aware of the potential of forensic sciences as a career. In the forensic science teaching circles, there is regret about the ignorance of students in this matter. Today, we are sharing some insight into the eligibility and scope of forensic sciences as a non-mainstream career option. We spoke to Dr. Rajesh Babu, Assistant Professor, Institute of Forensic Science, GFSU and this is what we found out.

Initially, like I told you I found it difficult to find courses in forensic science. At that time, I thought that only medical experts could become forensic experts. How true is it?

Not necessarily. Anybody having the background of science, i.e. Medicine, Pharmacy, Microbiology, etc., who has an inclination toward the subject, can join the course. Apart from that Physics, Chemistry and Biology students, who have done B.Sc., are also eligible.

Are only students and professionals eligible for your courses?

That is for the regular program. Part-time programs are also conducted. Others are eligible for this.

What are the prospects of studying forensic science in India?

In India, there are several forensic science laboratories that they can join. They are also eligible for the financial or the banking sector. Some of my students are also working in the industrial sector in financial fraud detection. Apart from this, pharmaceutical companies also recruit forensic experts wherever there is a requirement of unethical chemistry, pharmaceutical chemistry, etc.

These students should have selected a particular branch of forensic science, isn’t it?

Yes, of course. We have 5 specialties – Physical, Chemical, Biological, Cybernetics and Psychology. Depending on the educational background, they can join the respective department for studies.

The Actor Sridevi case…

We are not allowed to comment on any real cases.

I have heard that during the autopsy the brain is taken out of the body and placed in the just emptied belly portion…

There is a confidentiality connected to these cases. We are not allowed to comment on any procedure of the postmortem.

My question is not connected to any of these. During the autopsy, when you are done with whatever you are supposed to do with the head portion, does this change the shape of the face of the dead person?

No. Not at all!

That is what I wanted to know. 🙂

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