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Myths Surrounding Protein Consumption
Myths Surrounding Protein Consumption

Myths Surrounding Protein Consumption (Part III)

By Samit Mehta

Proteins are the building blocks of our body. We have studied this in school. Besides carbohydrates and fats, proteins are the most important macro-nutrients. Currently, only physically active people – hardcore bodybuilders and fitness enthusiasts – tend to consume whey protein. Most people think that Whey is not for an average individual leading a sedentary life. But, this is a misconception. This part of the article reveals other myths surrounding protein consumption.


Myths Surrounding Protein Consumption:

1. Myth:

There are a lot of added ingredients in whey protein.

Clarity of thought:

Whey is nothing but milk that has been filtered to remove unwanted components such as fat & lactose.

2. Myth:

Women don’t need whey protein as they can ‘bulk up’ their bodies. It is a popular misconception that whey protein can make women bulky, developing features like men and making them look like men.

Clarity of thought:

The fact is that whey protein will help you build lean muscle, but your overall diet and workout regime play a more significant role in the amount of muscle mass you build.

3. Myth:

Whey protein supplements are only for bodybuilders. Whey protein is often associated with bodybuilding. People think they do not need whey protein since they are not physically active. They tend to believe it is those bulky muscular guys who need to take those.

Clarity of thought:

With severe protein deficiency abundant in the majority of the population, there could be no better complete protein source than whey to supplement the inadequacy.

About Samit Mehta: Samit Mehta is the founder of Six Pack Nutrition.

To be continued…

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