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Milk is a Source of Whey Protein.
Milk is a Source of Whey Protein.

Myths on Protein Consumption (Whey Protein) (Part II)

By Samit Mehta

Today’s post is the continuation of the previous one. This part of the article talks about – Whey Protein.


Milk is one of the essential sources of protein suitable for all types of food enthusiasts. It contains 2 major kinds of protein – casein and whey. 82 % of cow’s milk is casein. Whey proteins are found in the liquid part of milk and stay post its curdling and straining. Both kinds of proteins are of good quality and are sources of essential amino acids for the production of protein in our body.

Whey Protein:

Whey, particularly, can be easily digested by our body. It contains a good amount of the essential amino acid – leucine, which is important for muscle protein production. There are several benefits of whey protein consumption for all ages. Mother’s milk contains a high percentage of whey, which is why whey remains the ideal source for the healthy growth of children. In adults, whey builds lean muscle mass and for the older population; whey prevents age-related sarcopenia.

About Samit Mehta:

Samit Mehta is the founder of Six Pack Nutrition.

To be continued…

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