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On Navaratri (Part VI)

The third day of Navaratri belongs to Devi Chandraghanta. A crescent moon adorns the forehead of this Devi like a bell. Thus, Her name is Chandraghanta. She has several weapons in her 10 hands and is always ready to vanquish the evil. She protects devotees from unknown fear, fear of ...

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Naga Panchami

According to mythology, this earth is balanced on the hood of Ananta Snake. The earth needs to be balanced in every way. People should not be poisoned from animals. Kala Sarpa Dosha and Rahu-Ketu Doshas should be neutralized. For these reasons, Naga Panchami is celebrated. This time Naga Chaturthi and ...

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Fruity Health Tips (Part III)

Mix sweet lime and lemon juices with honey and consume. This juice has a lot of vitamin C. It is also a very good energy booster. The resistance to diseases is boosted. Hair will become beautiful. Cut pineapple into small pieces. Add pieces of one banana and pour some honey ...

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Fruity Health Tips (Part II)

Crush and separate juices of 2 oranges and 3 tomatoes. Add honey to the mixture and consume. It will be cooling to the body and it is good for weight loss. Boil the rind that remains after juices of the above fruits are removed with 3 glasses of water. Add ...

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Fruity Health Tips

Ripe banana and chilled milk can be mixed in a mixer and add honey to it. This fruit shake can boost energy and reduces hunger. It also removes constipation. If someone is very lean, they can have this shake 3-4 times a day to put on the right amount of ...

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Face Packs

In today’s hectic life, be it working women or housewives, due to the fact that they have to go out in the sun, they get discoloration of facial skin, dark patches, blemishes, etc. People today prefer organic products. Some people make their own products at home. Here are some tips ...

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Some Tips for a Beautiful You!

Suffering from acne? Here’s a simple solution. Extract the juice of mint (pudina) leaves and apply it on the pimples. Acne will disappear soon. Want some glow on your face? Try this. When milk gets spoilt, the creamy layer formed on the butter milk can be used for this beauty ...

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Beauty Hacks

Climatic effects on dry skin are more than on any other type of skin. The skin tends to break due to the effects of the weather on dry skin. A simple hack can help get a smoother skin. Make a paste of refined wheat flour (maida) in milk. Apply on ...

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Home Remedies

Have insomnia? We have a very simple solution for it. Heat 500 ml til oil with 50 gms cumin seeds on slow fire. When it reaches boiling point, switch off the gas. After it cools down store in a bottle. Apply on your hair regularly. You will sleep soundly at ...

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