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Home Remedies

Want to have a disease-free mouth? Try this simple remedy. Take 3 parts mint leaves and 1 part neem leaves. Sun-dry them together. Add 1 part charcoal and some common salt. Pound the mixture into a powder and sieve. Using the powder to brush teeth will keep teeth and gum ...

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Health Tips

1. Almonds, peanuts and pistachios contain folic acid that normalizes heartbeat. Thinking that these form cholesterol, do not avoid them. They can be powdered and used in sabzis, sambhars and dals. 2. Mix some coarsely ground parboiled rice (ukda chawal), fenugreek seeds, garlic and ginger. Boil this mixture with some ...

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Culinary Tips

1. During summer, while making curd at home, instead of making it at night, if milk is left to curdle on the inverter of your refrigerator in the morning, it would be set by lunch time and it does not even get sour. 2. Drinking lukewarm water after meals not ...

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