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The Secret Weapon (IV and Last Part)

Part IV Kartik took her to the Srinagar chawl and started asking questions about the unknown man in the picture. Every person looking at the picture backed off. They spent more than an hour speaking to people there, but to no avail. Kartik looked desperate. He sat on his motorbike ...

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The Secret Weapon (III)

Part III When Ravi called up Radha the next day, he sounded very excited. “The police could not come up with anything definite. My superiors wanted to hire private detectives. I suggested your name along with your brother’s. They want to meet you. Could you and Kartik make it to ...

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The Secret Weapon (II)

Part II “Radha, Hi,” Rashmi seemed excited over the phone. She wanted her friend to meet her at their usual meeting place. She and Ravi were already there when Radha went for the rendezvous. “Somebody stole the dummy blueprint, last night,” Rashmi exclaimed excitedly. “So the bait has been taken,” ...

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The Secret Weapon

Part I Inspector Kartik Srinivasan arrived with his crew to the Srinagar slum area in Saki Naka, Andheri, Mumbai. The man was lying on the stairway face down. His right arm was stretched out above him. His left arm was pulled back behind him. His skull was broken on the ...

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My Lawfully Wedded Husband and other stories

About the Author: Known more for her Muzaffar Jung series about a Mughal detective in seventeenth Century, Delhi, Madhulika Liddle is also a writer of short stories. Many of these short stories have bagged awards, including the Commonwealth Broadcasting Association’s short Story Competition in 2003. She intermittently writes on travel ...

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