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The Hospital

Part 1

            “Ahh…” Asha Bhat disappeared in front of the motorcycle. The man on it backed off and putted away.

Radha Srinivasan ran to her friend.

“Asha, are you ok?”

Asha did not reply. She had lost consciousness, since her head had hit the edge of the footpath. Radha hired a taxi to take them to the nearest hospital.

Though the hospital was nearby, none of the doctors were ready to even touch Asha, without a police complaint. By then she was profusely bleeding from the forehead. Radha met quite a few doctors, but nobody seemed to be interested in helping an accident victim at that moment of time.

Finally, Radha decided that enough was enough. She had placed Asha face up carefully on a sofa near the entrance of the hospital.

Suddenly there was a lot of commotion. A big police van entered the gate of the hospital with an ambulance tagging along. A badly wounded man ridden with bullets was brought in on a stretcher.

Radha stood up. She was worried about Asha. So when one of the officers wearing plain clothes and shouting orders into his walkie talkie passed her, she caught hold of his arm and pulled him towards her friend.

“Nobody is ready to treat her.”

Senior Inspector Keshav Pradhan realized the emergency and spoke to one of the doctors. “All doctors need not attend the prisoner. One of you can take care of this girl.” He even got Radha’s complaint registered. She had taken down the license plate number of the motorbike, which would help the police later to nab the biker.

Soon Asha was out of danger. The badly wounded man was being operated upon, so Radha and Keshav got chatting in the nurses’ office room. Sr. Inspector Keshav was actually Radha’s brother Sr. Inspector Kartik’s friend and colleague. But Radha and Keshav knew each other slightly.

The prisoner, after the operation that lasted more than 5 hours, was admitted in ICU on the same floor as Asha. Two constables wearing plain clothes were on duty in the prisoner’s room.

By evening, Radha got the various test reports that were done on Asha. They were normal. Asha must have lost consciousness due to the sudden shock of the incident, was the diagnosis of the attending doctor.

As Radha was returning from the specialist doctor’s clinic in the OPD, she heard Keshav talking over the phone. He was inside the nurses’ office room. She was about to pass the room, when she heard him say, “She actually pulled me by the arm and took me to her friend. She has guts! And such beautiful eyes! She had determination in them when she took me to her friend. Asha is lucky to have her as a friend…Oh, yes. Why not? I decided that she was the one for me, yesterday itself. Don’t worry about the language difference. I will take care of that. She is cosmopolitan and I am cosmopolitan…She could come back any minute. I’ll sign off now.”

She could not understand much, but she knew that Keshav was talking about her to her brother. After waiting for a few seconds more, she passed the office to go to Asha’s bed, as if nothing had happened.


The next day Radha was coming to the hospital. Pass in hand she entered the main gate. A man entered with her but he went towards the emergency ward, where the pass was not required. He had shifty eyes. Suspicious suddenly, she followed him silently. The man stealthily approached the lone guard in the corridor unawares, turned his head with a jerk and killed him!

About Yashaswini K

Controversy is the second name of Yashaswini. She goes where something is amiss and picks up the threads to make a clear story out of it. She has also written 2 books in the Radha Srinivasan Mystery Series.

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