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The Hospital (Part II)

Part 2

Radha was stunned. In her career as an investigative reporter spanning 4 years, she had not seen a murder happening in front of her eyes. She tried not to make any sound, but a cry escaped her and the assailant saw her.

Realizing her mistake, she ran. The doctors’ lift near the staircase was opening, she ran into it without waiting for it to fully open. There was nobody inside. She closed the door immediately, before the man could enter it. Then she went to the 9th floor, where her friend was admitted. Instead of going to her friend, she ran towards the nurses’ office room, where she found Keshav.

“Keshav help,” she shouted and ran into his open arms. “He saw me. Now he’ll kill me.”

Keshav was enjoying the hug. His arms were moving up and down on her back. He was shaken to realization by the word ‘kill’. He pushed her some distance from him and stood looking at her from a distance. Then he made her sit on a chair and handed her a glass of water.

She drank it sip by sip and told him what she had seen. “Now there is a new complication to handle. The whole hospital is in danger!”


Keshav calmly made standby arrangements on the outside of the hospital, after meeting the Dean, Dr. Shastri and informing about the situation. He used his mobile, since the terrorist or his friends might have radio equipment to intercept their talk on the walkie talkie. Then he messaged the doctor attending the prisoner. As a precautionary measure, Keshav had already discussed the possibility of an attack with the prisoner’s doctor, Dr. Vivek. At that time he had discussed the use of code, so that if need be they could be discreet.

Dr. Vivek came to their floor and Keshav told him to be with the prisoner. “Be careful,” Keshav warned. He also told the constables on duty to keep their eyes open.

“Now the point is how to handle this crisis without creating a panic situation?” Keshav asked loudly.

Radha was nervous. She had come with Keshav to the prisoner’s room.

“Don’t worry. I am here. And Kartik is outside. We will take care.” Keshav oozed with positivity. His experience of 8 years in the service showed up.

He also asked him if there was any secret way in which he could communicate with the other doctors. He said they could communicate through mobile text messages. Keshav instructed Dr. Vivek to send discreet messages to all the RMOs that a terrorist is on the loose. There might be more. They should be ready with tranquilizer injections. They were also told not to let any of the terrorists to bite into the cyanide capsules they might be carrying. Keshav also said that they had to take the risk despite the fact they any doctor’s mobile might have been picked up by a terrorist.

Keshav got a call from Kartik that some policemen in plain clothes had entered the hospital with tranquilizer guns. They were keeping a sharp look out for the security guards. A couple of them came to their floor to take charge of the place.

“We cannot sit here like this,” declared an agitated Keshav. “We have to make an offensive move. I know all the guards in this hospital that is why we brought the prisoner here. You stay with Asha. I will go out and find the man.”

“No. I want to come. Otherwise, how will you know who is the man?”

When they walked slowly towards the staircase, Radha lagged behind.

“What’s the matter?” Keshav turned to face her.

“That doctor. He is not the same…” There were two doctors in the nurses’ office. She meant that one of them was suspicious looking.

“Which one?” Now, Keshav was alarmed and did not wait for an answer. He caught her hand and sprinted back into the ward, pulling her with him.

Inside the office, the other doctor was lying prone on the floor dead.

“Stay here. I’ll be back,” Keshav said.

“No I want to come. Asha’s here.”

“You stay right here. Kartik would want it.”

Radha waited, twiddling her thumbs.

A few minutes after Keshav had left; Radha heard scuffling sound from Asha’s room, then a gun shot and Asha’s cry for help!

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Controversy is the second name of Yashaswini. She goes where something is amiss and picks up the threads to make a clear story out of it. She has also written 2 books in the Radha Srinivasan Mystery Series.

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