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The Hospital (Part III)

Part 3

That was it. Radha looked around for some heavy weapon. There was a big bottle of spirit on the table. Apparently the nurse was in the process of giving injections.

Radha lifted the heavy bottle and ran uncomfortably towards Asha’s room. Slowly she peered into it. The white-coated terrorist had his back to her, but was covering both Keshav and Asha with his revolver. He had apparently fired into the air.

Radha did not wait another minute. She stepped into the room and before the man could turn around, she had hit him on his head with the bottle. The bottle smashed on his head and he fell like ten pins.

“One down,” Radha muttered.

“Is he the one who killed the guard?” Keshav asked.


“That means there are more than one terrorist here.”

Right then one of the constables from the prisoner’s room ran to Asha’s room, with a gun raised, ready to shoot.

“Why did you leave the prisoner?” Keshav confronted angrily.

“I heard gunshot. I thought I would come and help.”

“Go back and stay where you were. On second thoughts I will come there myself,” Keshav decided.

When he reached the prisoner’s room, he found the other constable unconscious with a head injury, with Dr. Vivek sitting down on the floor, bleeding from the nose and dazed. The prisoner’s oxygen mask had been removed and his heart rate was going haywire with the alarm ringing loudly. He was also finding it difficult to breathe.

Keshav immediately put the mask back in its place and the man slowly started breathing normally.

“So another terrorist is on the loose here,” Keshav realized. “Luckily there are no more patients on this floor,” Keshav was relieved.

At that moment Keshav’s mobile rang. It was Kartik asking about the situation inside. Keshav told him, what had happened. “…Want to speak to her?”

Then Keshav gave his mobile to Radha. “Anna, I am fine. The problem is we don’t know how many are there. They might take hostages, if they get to know that we are on to them.”

“We will take care of the situation. Don’t worry.”

“But, Anna…”

“I said don’t worry. We’ll fish ‘em out,” Kartik said and signed off.

“By the way it is nearing visitors’ time. That might help,” Asha suggested.

“No. That will complicate matters. Only more people behind whom they can take refuge,” Keshav by now was looking frustrated.

Dr. Vivek injected the terrorist with tranquilizer injection and put him out of action for some time after dressing his wound. They also tied him up with used intravenous tubing. They had checked his clothing for identification and materials of assault. They found nothing other than the gun. Keshav confiscated it.

Kartik called again. The two officers had a talk and decided on a strategy as Radha kept a look out for trouble. They decided that Kartik’s men would stop all the visitors at the gate and take them into a nearby building. Kartik and some men would enter the hospital as visitors and spread out keeping in touch through mobile, to fish out suspicious characters.

As decided two more officers in plain clothes arrived to take care of Asha and the prisoner. Another doctor Dr. Manohar was also called to be with the prisoner.

At that moment, there was an announcement over the intercom of the hospital. “I am the Dean of the Hospital speaking. Could Sr. Inspector Keshav Pradhan come to my room please?”

Keshav told Radha to stay put near her friend. He appeared to be suspicious. He called Kartik and told him where he was going.

When he knocked the door of the Dean’s room and opened it, the doctor was sitting in his chair without moving an inch!

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Controversy is the second name of Yashaswini. She goes where something is amiss and picks up the threads to make a clear story out of it. She has also written 2 books in the Radha Srinivasan Mystery Series.

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