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Navaratri Kanya Pooja
Navaratri Kanya Pooja

Navaratri Kanya Pooja

A Journalist Reveals’ request for inputs from South Indian Navaratri celebrators has been making rounds of the different WhatsApp groups. Through one of our contacts, we found Padma Ramesh from Bangalore. The significant part of her celebration is the Navaratri Kanya Pooja performed on the tenth day.


Excerpts from the interview:

Since when are you involved in this activity?

I was brought up in a traditional way hence was involved in this golu activity since my childhood days. In fact, I was so involved that I, as a kid, would go around and invite people giving them Tambula myself which gave me immense pleasure and happiness.

How were you inspired into doing this activity?

I am a spiritual and traditionally bound person. My mother and my older brother inspired me a lot and above all, I had a neighbor, who used to take much interest and have a unique concept every year. They have been truly inspirational!

Navaratri Kanya Pooja
Padma Ramesh

What kind of feeling do you get while doing this activity?

I totally involve myself in this activity. It gives me such divine energy which everyone has to experience to understand. Moreover, I feel as if three Goddesses are present right here in my home.

Who is involved in this activity?

My entire family – my husband, my two girls and my parents-in-law involve themselves, which makes the activity more enjoyable and stress-free.

Would you like to add something more about your golu activity?

I want to give credit to my maids, who extend their helping hand in cleaning the entire house before Navratri. We have made it a tradition to bring home a new addition to our doll collection every year and of course a new rangoli every day.

On the 10th day, we invite girl children below 10 years (especially the deserving ones) and gift them with a set of clothes and accessories. This gives us immense satisfaction.

Any funny/miraculous/remember-worthy incident happened during this activity?

More than calling it funny or miraculous, this entire event is lively involving 3 different generations at home. There are constant banter and fun involved in setting up the entire collection. My husband secretly removes a few dolls, which he finds unfitting while the rest of us are asleep. Small things like these make it more fun and memorable.

How do children react?

My children also involve very much into the activity and actively participate in golu. They love to offer special puja to Goddess Saraswati. Other children also love to come home as we gift them along with a special sweet and sundal.

Navaratri Kanya Pooja
Navaratri Kanya Pooja

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  1. Awesome aunty

  2. I have personally witnessed the celebration of this festival at Mrs. Padma Ramesh’s house and it’s true that you feel there is goddess in their house. The family is so involved in preparation that you can actually feel it when you see. It’s very nice that this is published and many more people get to know about it.

    Congrats and Happy festival to entire Mrs. Padma Ramesh’s family ! I won’t miss this year as well 🙂

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