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Aansoo Bhari Hain Yeh Pyaz Ki Rahen
Aansoo Bhari Hain Yeh Pyaz Ki Rahen

Aansoo Bhari Hain Yeh Pyaz Ki Rahen

The vegetable that would bring tears to the person cutting it; causes people to cry even when the name is mentioned. The prices have risen. Onions are being stolen. The vegetables are being bartered in exchange for other stuff. Onions are being presented as wedding gifts in kilos. The varmala and jaymala are made out of onion and garlic. Strikes are being implemented wearing onion garlands. Today, we are sharing a real incident that shows the fact that onion can be the reason for insults. Thus, this article – Aansoo Bhari Hain Yeh Pyaz Ki Rahen.


Aansoo Bhari Hain Yeh Pyaz Ki Rahen

One elderly couple reached a restaurant with their only daughter, for lunch. The girl ordered 4 tandoori roti and one bhendi masala and the couple ordered 5 chappatis and bhendi fry with 3 cuppa coffees. The menu boasted of dishes with hi-end prices. The steward first served a plate with 3 small bowls having pieces of 3 lemons, mixed pickle and pieces of 3 onions.

2 ladies were sitting on the nearby table. They were planning to have pav bhaji but changed their minds and ordered puri bhaji. The steward placed a plate filled with lemon, pickle and onion on their table, too. Besides, there was onion in the bhaji. The ladies were happy and after having the food, they decided to take home the onion pieces.

When the elderly couple had finished their lunch and had removed the used plates, the ladies saw that the elderly couple and their daughter had not even touched the onions on their table. The ladies asked if the family did not want to have the onions. When the elderly woman replied in the negative, the younger ladies picked up the onions on the other table and dropped them inside their bag.

The cleaner saw the goings-on. He demanded Rs.30 from the ladies. He said, “I was given the job to take away the used plates. My job is to take the unused stuff like onions to the kitchen to serve the new customers of the day. The cctv has caught your act. If I don’t collect Rs.30 from you, I will be penalized.”

The ladies argued that they had taken the permission of the elderly couple to take the onion. However, the elderly lady maintained, “We only told them that we haven’t had the onions. But, we did not give them permission to take it because they did not ask for it.”

The matter went to the manager of the restaurant. The ladies were embarrassed in front of everybody. The elderly couple left the restaurant with their daughter as they saw tears in the eyes of the younger ladies. The elderly lady, who is a humorist herself said, “Wow, what an onion you are! You can bring tears to people in any which way. You are a fantastic vegetable.”

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