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Summer Haze Coord Maxi Skirt

Summer Haze Coord Maxi Skirt Review

Kanchan Hiranandani contacted me over Facebook for their client sometime back. As usual I suggested a product or website review. Kanchan said that the client would not mind sending a complimentary product for a review. Thus I selected this skirt blouse for myself.

One of the brands selling on the ecommerce website is Bonhomie, the brand whose product I selected. Talking more about the brand, Kanchan shared a gist about the brand in a mail with me:
Bonhomie is a designer wear label which caters to women of ages between 14 years and 30 years. A Bonhomie woman is an urban woman who continuously updates herself with the current fashion trends and loves trendy dressing, yet she wants to wear comfortable clothes. The outfits from Bonhomie are always designed keeping in mind their catch-phrase – stylish, comfortable and extremely wearable. The cuts are crisp, embellishments are subtle and designs are contemporary fusing Indian and western sensibilities without compromising on the fabric quality. This is this label’s hallmark. The prices are pocket friendly and the dresses are delivered right to your doorstep.

Summer Haze Coord Maxi Skirt
Summer Haze Coord Maxi Skirt

My Experience: Before the week was over, I received the product at my home. The skirt accentuates the figure superbly before giving a fall that spreads around the feet in a nice wavy circle. The small light blue prints on the fabric look like butterflies are flying around. The blouse is entirely white. I had asked for an XL size. Perhaps they did not have the same blouse shown on their webpage in that size. But it definitely compliments the skirt in more ways than one. It is not too tight for me.

I have bought dresses in XL and XXL often. But they have many times been too tight for me. But when I received this dress, from, I found that the XL size itself works so well for me. It felt like a telepathic message from me reached the people who found the product for me and they sent the right sized one to me. The fabric is smooth and very comfortable too. I am extremely satisfied with the product. I just plan to buy a stole or dupatta to go with this dress and I will be ready to go.

However, they do not have a size guide on their website. I would definitely recommend them to add that near the photograph of every product displayed.

Price: For the skirt and blouse – Rs.899/- each. Total – Rs.1798/-.

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