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A Phone Call (Part III)

While he was going forward with the mango, he saw a girl crying. When he asked her mother, why she was crying, she replied that she wanted to eat a mango and she did not find any mangoes nearby. The monkey gave the mango to the girl. The girl ate it up. The monkey now told the mother, “Either give me a mango or the girl.”


Actually, the woman was a beggar and had stolen the girl for begging. She gave up the girl very easily. The monkey took the girl along with him.

On the way, they saw a man extracting oil. The manual machine did not have proper weight, so the extraction was getting delayed.

The monkey asked, “Why don’t you use some weight?”

The man said, “I don’t have anything to keep as weight.”

The monkey said, “I will place this girl as weight.”

The girl could not sit properly and broke her limbs.

The monkey stubbornly said, “I want the girl in one piece. Or give me oil.”

The man gave oil to the monkey and took the girl to a doctor.

The monkey took the oil and went forward. On the way, he found a woman roasting dosas with water. The monkey told her to use oil for better dosas. She complied with his wish and used up all the oil. The monkey now insisted on either the oil or the dosas. The woman gave up all her dosas.

To be continued…


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