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A Phone Call (Part II)

I told that I would tell the story today. But, I can only tell one part of it because I am preoccupied with some things. I will continue tomorrow.


The Story: There were 2 temples close together in a village. One was dedicated to Lord Shiva and the other dedicated to Lord Vishnu. People visiting one temple were not allowed to visit the other. There were plenty of trees near each temple. There were several monkeys on these trees. Like the people, the monkeys living near Lord Shiva temple would not go to the Lord Vishnu temple and vice versa. One day, jumping from one tree to another, one monkey from the Vishnu temple accidentally went to the Lord Shiva temple.

The monkeys in the Shiva temple realized by odour that the new monkey was from Vishnu temple. They beat him up and drove him away. When the monkey reached Vishnu temple, his mates beat him up because he smelt of Shiva temple. The monkey left the place in a disheveled condition.

A knife vendor passed the place at that time. The monkey told him to comb his tail with a knife! The moment the man placed a knife on his tail, the tail got cut off from the monkey’s body. The monkey got angry. He told the vendor to stick his tail back or give him a knife. The man could not attach the tail, so he gave him the knife.

The monkey moved ahead. A woman was distributing a ripe mango to some children. She did not have anything to cut it with, so she was making them take some bites off the single fruit. The monkey told the woman to cut the mango to distribute it to the children. She said that she did not have a knife. The monkey gives his knife. When the woman tried to cut the mango, the knife broke. The monkey told the woman to either give his knife back in single piece or give him the mango. She gave him the mango.

To be continued…


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