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A Phone Call

This morning the phone rang at 7.30 AM. I work till late at night, so I was asleep. Mom cut the calls 4 times, so that it did not disturb us. But, the person called a 5th time.


Mom took the call and said, “Gayatri is asleep. Call later.” But, the person wanted to speak to my Mom.

The newly married girl said, “I have a problem. You also had the same problem. But, you resolved it and have progressed in life.”

Mom asked, “What is the problem?”

She replied, “I am a Shaivite from an Iyer family. I had an arranged marriage with an Iyengar boy. The problem is that we have different deities and I am used to worshiping Lord Shiva. I placed a picture of Lord Shiva with Parvati, Ganapathy and Kartik in the pooja room. My father-in-law removed that picture and placed it upside down on a nearby table. He also advised me that they are Vaishnavites and after marriage even I became a Vaishnavite only. I had to get habituated to worshiping Lord Vishnu only.”

She added, “I am used to worshiping that picture. I can’t place is in our bedroom. What am I supposed to do? You also had such an issue. Your father’s side deity is Tirupati Balaji and husband’s side deity is Thanthoni Kalyana Venkatramana. How did you solve the issue?”

Mom replied, “My mother-in-law was an understanding person and my husband did not interfere in it. In your case, your husband should convince his father. When they accepted an Iyer girl, they should accept her deity as well. Your problem can be solved by your husband and some counselor only.”

Mom told her a story that my grandfather would relate regarding this problem. I am a little preoccupied with something. So I will share the story with you tomorrow.

To be continued…


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