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In today’s times, children learn everything very fast. Community living and social ethics teach us healthy competition is good. However, people should not be Indian crabs, particularly albino crabs. Most parents give nick names to neighbors, relatives, etc. This is picked up fast by children. When they go to school, they call their friends with nick names, like arey kalia, arey jadia, apne aap ko kya samajhta hai amir ka bachcha, arey bhikari ke bachche, etc.

Besides, the children give excellent names to their teachers and use it behind their backs – Shakuni, Narad, Hitler, etc. The children in one school had named one of the teachers as heroine. She would be completely made up and would touch it up after every class. She was also called a chatterbox.

One day, she did not speak a word in the class. Whatever she wanted to communicate, she would do it by writing on the board. One notorious student named Parthasarathy, was very happy that she was not talking since she was not pulling his leg on that day. When she left, everybody was surprised that Parth was spared by the teacher. They did not know the reason.

Parth replied with a criminal look and a cunning smile, “She was alone in the staff room sometime back. She had gone to the washroom, leaving her lipstick open. I poured some fevicol over it. By the time she applied it and came to the class, her lips had stuck to each other. Perhaps, for her to open her mouth for anything she will have to be operated. May be she might not come to the school for a few days.”

The criminal boy also said, “She might have learnt her lesson that she is our slave and we pay her salary. And she has to tolerate us.”

This is the attitude of today’s students toward their teachers. So all of you think it over.

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