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3 Jokes

  1. Students were taken on a tour to a garden. The teacher threw a ball above and told the students that since it comes back down, it is being acted upon by gravity. One student asked, “If I catch the ball in my hand, does that mean handity or catchity (Sic)?”
  2. A teacher asked his students in a class, “Where does it rain heavily during monsoons?” A student replied, “On the ground!”
  3. One day, a student recited a poem very well. The teacher told his parents to teach the child singing. Thus, the child joined home tuitions for singing. For 2-3 classes, the teacher allowed the child to sing as he did. But, on the 3rd day he explained to the child that the lower swaras should be sung from below and higher swaras from above. The teacher also told his mother to make him practice. When his mother told him to practice, he was standing. Immediately, he sat down and began the lower swaras. He went to the large swing and holding the upper rod, he hung down from there to sing the upper swaras. He also asked his mother if this was enough. “Otherwise, I will have to go to the terrace for the higher swaras!” Today, it has become difficult to talk to children. Teachers and parents should do a lot of homework before talking to them.

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