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Today’s asana is Paschimottasana and we roped in yoga expert Jharna Singh to enlighten us about it. This is another asana which helps you with digestion and relaxes you. For more over to Jharna.
Paschim literally means west. It implies to the back of the whole body from head to toe. Utan means to extend. In this asana the back of the whole body is stretched.
Benefits: It massages all the abdominal organs, tones them and improves digestion. In this asana the spine is kept straight and the heart is at a lower level. A good stay in this position massages the spine, the heart and the other organs and makes one feel fresh and relaxed. Due to extra stretch around the pelvic region, the area gets more oxygenated blood, which increases the vitality and helps in improved and controlled sex.


1. Sit on the mat placed on the floor with the legs extended straight in the front of you.
2. Exhale and stretch hands in front of you and hold the toes with the thumb and the index finger.
3. Now extend the spine forward, bend and widen the elbows and touch the head to the knees and take deep breaths.
4. Try to touch the elbows to the floor.
5. Hold the position for few counts.
6. Once comfortable in this position, you can advance by gripping the entire sole and touching the chin to the knee. Inhale, come up and relax.
7. If you cannot reach the feet, as will be seen in newbies, you may place your hands where you can reach comfortably. Then continue to gain flexibility and try to reach the feet.
8. Every person’s body is different. If a person is able to touch the chest, chin, nose properly to the leg in the bend position that means it is being done in the right way. It has to be done as per the person’s flexibility.
Contra-indications: Avoid this asana during pregnancy, severe spinal problems (medication in process), spondylitis and if you have undergone any kind of abdominal operation or in an around area.
Disclaimer: New yoga enthusiasts please perform these asanas only under expert guidance.


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