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Leftover rice Part XV


Sweet Aapam can be prepared from leftover rice. Soak overnight udad dal about 1/3rd measure of the leftover rice, in water. Next day, grind the udad dal into a very thick paste. Also, grind the rice into a very thick paste and mix the 2 together. Grate one cup of coconut and mix into the paste. Add required amount of jaggery in a little water and heat it to a thick syrup consistency. Add cardamom powder to it. Mix well and make it to the consistency of the batter for fritters.

Flat Aapam
Flat Aapam

Heat oil in a pan. Pour the small amounts of the batter taken in a small kadchi. The aapam will fry like small pooris. Place the ready aapams in plates and garnish with sugar to serve.

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