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Holistic Healing

Yesterday, a Mrs. Roy contacted me. She told me, “We used to live in a posh area. Suddenly, our business failed and we had to shift to a less expensive area. Here there is a lot of taunting, gossiping and back-biting. Any time and every time people from the building enter our home to make fun of us. There is no privacy. I already had headache and neck pain. Now, the pain has become severe. I have studied till the 12th std. When I got married into a well-to-do home, I gave up studies. I want to complete graduation and do MBA for better job opportunities for me as well. We, husband and wife, both want to earn more together. But, the people from my building do not allow me to study. They also torture my mother-in-law because she goes to talk to them. They do not want to talk to her. They have begun to abuse her with dirty words and enjoy it.”


I replied, “I am in a more or less similar stage. God has given birth to some low lives. He has given them 2 legs, 2 hands and organs in between them. But, He forgot to place a brain inside their heads. Thus, all the filth comes out of other places. These people are equivalent to Indian crabs. We have lodged 4 police complaints. They have given us documents for filing a case. I being a student as well, have exams to study for. Thus, I have not had time till now. After the exams, I will file the case. I was driven to suicide by these people and I had written a letter to the police commissioner asking him to hang all men in this building by their private parts. And an iron rod should be run into the private parts of the women in this building and brought out of their mouths. Then, they should be hanged for what they are doing to us. Then you can imagine how much they are torturing us. A post-graduate psychiatrist Dr. Qureishi told me that this letter is your trump card. Release it online at the right time. He also told my Mom to get me ear-muffs for blocking out all the noise of the building people. The super specialist psychiatrist also taught my Mom a heavy meditation due to which she is able to conquer stress to some extent. Mom will tell you how to deal with the headache.”

Mom’s holistic treatment that she told Mrs. Roy was:


  1. Learn pranayam of yoga, especially Anulom Vilom. Perform it for ½ an hour daily.
  2. Learn shavasana.
  3. Learn meditation or dhyana.

To be continued…


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