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D-Alive Sweet Sour Chilli Sauce
D-Alive Sweet Sour Chilli Sauce

D-Alive Sweet Sour Chilli Sauce Review

A representative of D-Alive got in touch with A Journalist Reveals and sent a bottle of Sweet Sour Chilli Sauce. Thus, we are posting the review here.

D-Alive Sweet Sour Chilli Sauce

Considered multipurpose condiment, ready to use; the sauce is useful for dipping and cooking. It can be used to dress salads, stir-frying, to marinate and as spread on bread. Absence of gluten and the presence of low carb natural sugars make it healthy. Only cent percent natural and organic ingredients have been used in it. It has to be used before 6 months from the date of manufacture. Organic Stevia Leaves, 100% Natural Jamun Vinegar and red hot Kashmiri Chillies together with other healthy organic condiments result in several benefits.

Our Take

We took our own time in using the product due to its red hot properties. This is because the regular use of the Kashmiri Chillies can injure the taste buds and the digestive system. But, we have some very interesting results of our experiments to show.

  1. It is a good bread spread. So, it can be used in sandwiches.
  2. We make long salted fried potato slices or fritters and use this sauce as a dip.
  3. Making curries is easy with this sauce. Any vegetable tastes well cooked with it.
  4. Pieces of dosa, idli, udad vada, different Indian breads, etc. can be dipped in this sauce, which makes them tasty.
  5. It can be used as a side dish with rice only or curd rice.
  6. We can use while cooking parathas in them or with them as a dip.


Rs. 499 for 280 gms bottle.

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