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D-Alive Sweet Sour Chilli Sauce Review

D-Alive Sweet Sour Chilli Sauce

A representative of D-Alive got in touch with A Journalist Reveals and sent a bottle of Sweet Sour Chilli Sauce. Thus, we are posting the review here. D-Alive Sweet Sour Chilli Sauce Considered multipurpose condiment, ready to use; the sauce is useful for dipping and cooking. It can be used ...

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Paper Boat Chikkis Review

One fine day suddenly, we received a courier parcel. There were 2 Paper Boat Chikki packets in it. We also received a mail about the chikkis from Neha Varma, Paper Boat Drinks. Her mail said, “Paper Boat Chikki is our humble tribute to the timeless, unbeatable mini-snack. Here’s our newest ...

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California Walnuts Review

California Walnuts: According to staggering figures released by The International Diabetes Federation’s (IDF) fifth diabetes atlas, India’s prevalence of diabetes among 20-79 year olds is 9.2% which constitutes the major share of 1.25 billion people in India. India is only second to China, in prevalence. Rate of diabetes is excessively ...

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iD Fresh Foods Review

We at A Journalist Reveals were asked to review some products from iD Fresh Foods. First let us introduce the company and brand. It all began in 2006, when iD Fresh Foods was established in Bangalore. The company has come a long way now. Its presence in 8 cities across ...

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WOW Popcorn Outlet Review

Kaushal Gupta contacted me regarding WOW Popcorn and told me that the marketing team would be getting in touch with me. Accordingly, Ankita Gupta got in touch with me, with some details about the outlet. I realized that the Kandivali outlet was close to my place, so I asked why ...

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Borosil Review

When I hear the word Borosil, I feel nostalgic! I will tell you why. I am a Science post-graduate and have spent most part of my college in the laboratory. The glass equipments, may they be test tubes, beakers or burettes and pipettes, all were from the company Borosil. When ...

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USA Pears Review

PR Harpreeti Naraan from Quik Relations contacted A Journalist Reveals regarding their client, USA Pears. Her mails said: Looking for something refreshing and deliciously juicy? Well look no more as the Pear Bureau Northwest brings the freshest and most popular pear varieties just for you. Pears are not just a ...

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Paper Boat Beverages Review

Recently, Neha Varma from Hector Beverages contacted me regarding some of their products and I suggested product review. After I had sent her my address upon her request, I had completely forgotten about it. Suddenly one day, a large box arrived at home from her. When we opened the box ...

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