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Borosil Products

Borosil Review

When I hear the word Borosil, I feel nostalgic! I will tell you why. I am a Science post-graduate and have spent most part of my college in the laboratory. The glass equipments, may they be test tubes, beakers or burettes and pipettes, all were from the company Borosil. When I got the following mail from PR agency Paradigm Shift, I was not only transported to the laboratory, which I miss often now-a-days, but also was secretly happy for Borosil, which has been part of my teenage years:


“Borosil Glass Works Ltd., t​he 5 decades old company ​has​ entered ​a new segment – small appliances – ​with products such as mixer grinders, induction cookers ​and electric rice steamers and cookers, etc. Borosil operates one of India’s largest captive online shopping stores for kitchenware and dining ware products. They have widest range in kitchenware, cookware, bakeware, cooking pan, induction stove, pressure cooker, utensils, pans and pots, casseroles and kitchen storage.”

The rest of the mail talked about their latest product Krispy Grill Sandwich Maker.

​As usual, I suggested product reviews. Neha Naik and Varsha Talreja from Paradigm Shift, who were in touch with me asked what kind of products would I like to review. I told her that I usually leave that to the concerned PR since I can work with an open mind.

Borosil Products
Borosil Products

One fine day, we received a large box from Borosil through FedEx courier. The box contained the following products: Jumbo Grill Sandwich Maker, Mixer Grinder Sumo Amaze 750W and Digi Kook Rice Cooker and Steamer 1800ml.

My Experience: Mom and I usually plan a day’s meals one day before. When we received the above appliances from Borosil, we had already cooked the day’s meals. Therefore, we decided to use the Rice Cooker on the next day. This product definitely boasts of capacity, but since the inner cooking pot is coloured black, a problem arises. The markings, inside provided for filling water according to the number of cups of rice, are self-coloured. Thus it becomes difficult to see the measurements in it. We would recommend that the markings are made in a brighter colour, so that they can be seen easily.

We used the Grill and the Mixer-Grinder on the day after. I prepared 4 sandwiches and grilled them in it for lunch for both of us. The weight of the upper plate is heavy and presses down on the sandwich (in our case) and gives the right grilled effect. We used the grinder for grinding the masala for the South Indian kadi (majjige paliddiya). We got the prepared mass in the right consistency for the kadi.

Available: Online and also at all leading retail outlets.

Price: Jumbo Grill Sandwich Maker- Rs 3190/-, Mixer Grinder Sumo Amaze 750W- Rs 4095/- and Digikook Rice Cooker and Steamer 1800ml- Rs 3861/-.


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