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Frog in a Well
Frog in a Well

Frog in a Well

Frog in a well is the story of a frog that lived almost all its life inside a well. We learnt this story during the Moral Science class. But, most people have forgotten the message. A Journalist Reveals has decided to share such message-giving moral stories from today.


Frog in a Well:

There was a female frog living in a well, with her partner. The well was their whole world. One day, her partner jumped out of the well and found a whole new world in front of him. He found several plants and trees around. Among the trees, were several big animals roaming around.

This male frog caught the fancy of a snake. The large snake tried to catch hold of the little being just out of the well. The frog was terrified and jumped out of the way. It fled back to the well, to safety. When this frog told about the outside world to his female partner, she became interested in the information.

The female frog was particularly shocked to know about the size of the big animals living outside the well. Suddenly, she got an idea. She breathed in some air and asked him, “Were they this big?”

He replied, “No, bigger than that. You should see it to believe it”

She replied, “I know everything. Nothing is impossible for me. I can become bigger than you can imagine. I am not foolish like others.”

She filled some more air in her lungs and looked at him. He shook his head. This continued until she had breathed in the air beyond her capacity of holding it and her body burst. Due to her inflated ego, the female frog died a very painful death.


We should gauge our capacity and work accordingly. Never compare our talent and capacity with others.  You might be good at something. Someone else might be good at something else. Comparison only hurts our ego and makes us do things, which are not worthy of us.


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A double post-graduate (MSc. - Botany and MA - English Literature) Gayatri T Rao is a Senior Multimedia Journalist with vast experience in writing on varied topics.

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