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Psychological Advice – March (I) 2021

Beginning today, we will be sharing advice from Psychologist Ayushi Shah for situations some of our readers have been facing. Here is the first installment:


Q. I study in the tenth standard. One of the boys in my class keeps looking at me in an odd manner. Is he interested in me? – Tina.

A. Hey Tina, I hope you are doing fine. I think if you feel a boy is looking at you in an odd manner and if that is making you uncomfortable, then you should directly go and confront him and let him know how do you feel when he looks at you in that way. Secondly, even if you want to know if he likes you then too the only way is to TALK. Rather than sitting and overthinking about it, you should reach up to him and ask his if he needs anything or wants to talk about something. Maybe he really wants to tell you something but he is very shy. So I think you should initiate the conversation if you want to get an answer. To communicate is the key. I hope this will help you, Tina

Q. I am a student of the twelfth standard. I have taken science. My parents insist that I get 99% in the final exams because they want me to take up medicine. I feel overworked. What should I do? – Prema.

A. Hey Prema, I hope you are doing well. See, I understand your situation completely because each one of us have been passing through the same situation sometime or the other. Firstly, you just need to understand that you and your parents are having the same goals – your happiness and success. The only difference is your path to reach them are different. Over here you already have taken up science and that is hectic and on top of it is the expectation that is all the more pressurizing. So, here firstly you need to see to it that you don’t burn out and for that you need to talk to your parents and make them understand that you will study but as you are imposing your expectations on me, its making me pressurized and I feel overworked. So please let me study at my own pace and promise them that you will put your best efforts. Well, additionally if you feeling overworked, I think you should take equal amount of breaks between your study hours and invest them in some outdoor sport, which will even be a physical training for you. Lastly you should not compromise on your sleep hours. Keep it maximum of 5-6 hours. I hope, Prema, this helps you.


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