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Questions from Readers – January 2022

We received the following Questions from Readers – January 2022, 4-5 months ago. The readers had requested replies from a psychologist or a psychiatrist. However,  the experts we had contacted, never got back to us.

The questions are tricky. But, luckily, one of them reverted recently saying these questions may not have a single answer. The situations are complicated and the questions are sketchy revealing very little of the situations. They also require in depth analysis.

So, we requested our resident Fortune Card Reader, Sundaravalli, to turn agony aunt and find out what the cards have in store for these readers. Over to her:

I am a lecturer in a college. I used to work in another college as a temporary lecturer where the students were the rowdy type. While I was teaching in one class, the college’s security brigade (consisting of some male lecturers) came to the class and strongly insisted that a boy touch the feet of a girl for teasing her, in front of the other students. The boy took some time to react and finally touched her thigh. My first question is that did the security brigade do the right thing? Secondly, wouldn’t the boy nurse a grudge against the girl for the turn of events? Thirdly, he was told to touch her feet. But, he touched her thigh near her private part. How right is this behavior? I am concerned because where I am working now, there have been similar incidents but nobody has bothered to help the girls. What can I do to help these girls? – Rama

Rama, we appreciate your decision to come out about this situation. The account you are giving of the situation in your college, is very sketchy. But we would advise you to speak tactfully with your higher authority. You can also contact any NGO that handles such issues.

At the same time, let’s see what the cards say. The first thing that you need to do is to avoid anger. Unless you keep your cool, you will not be able to deal with the situation in the right way.

Forget your past and focus on your present. The Lord Almighty has your back.  He will help in tackling this challenge. You have the power and you will come out a winner at this time .

I am a teenager. My mother is a control freak. She gets hysterical and suicidal if we do not follow her instructions. What should we do? – Himani.

First, you need to take her to a good psychiatrist. The situation is very tricky. Your mother may not cooperate. Take the help of some understanding relative. If that doesn’t help, contact your society’s secretary. Why are neighbors for if not to be helpful?

The police may not be of much help because they will not take cognizance of the situation. So, let’s turn to the cards for some help. They reveal that you will be able to overcome the challenge you are facing with the help of your guardian angel.

Keep your faith in yourself and pray to the Lord Almighty for strength to tackle the situation. He will support you all through your journey of helping your mother overcome her hysteria. Changes are in the offing. Think positively for the best results.

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