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id Fresh Foods Product-Range

iD Fresh Foods Review

We at A Journalist Reveals were asked to review some products from iD Fresh Foods. First let us introduce the company and brand.


It all began in 2006, when iD Fresh Foods was established in Bangalore. The company has come a long way now. Its presence in 8 cities across India and abroad (Bangalore, Mangalore, Mysore, Chennai, Hyderabad, Mumbai, Pune and Dubai) and a team of more than 800 employees, all speak about its journey to the top. It produces and delivers a variety of ready to cook, fresh Indian home food to its customers every single day and prepares them in its home made style of preparation in ultra-hygienic factories.”

id Fresh Foods Product-Range
id Fresh Foods Product-Range

The core food offering – simple, Indian home food, prepared as it is done in regular Indian household, natural and authentic tasting; has been and always will be at the center of their brand philosophy. This when combined with the team’s determination, commitment and passion to keep raising the bar on the food quality has paved the way for success for them. To balance the equilibrium in today’s seesaw of time and health, iD Fresh Foods is the perfect professional assistant in the kitchen for the home maker. The products include Parotas, Chapatis, Idly and Dosa batter, and Chutneys. These are made from fresh ingredients with absolutely no chemicals or preservatives.

iD Fresh Food’s excellence has also been awarded the prestigious National Achiever’s Award and the Big Bang Award. The company intends to continue its mission of making the preparation of homemade meals simpler, convenient and a tastier experience with a personal touch for its customers.

Our Take: When the products arrived in a decorated basket, we scrutinised it and as was instructed placed it in the refrigerator. The next day, we opened the Malabar Parotha. There were 5 pieces and after heating them, they served as a filling breakfast for the 3 of us. The next day we tried the Wheat Parotha. There were 5 pieces of these, too, but when we tried to heat them, they broke into many pieces. The chappatis were 10 pieces completely round like they have been made in a machine. The Parothas and chapattis were slightly heated already. Idli/dosa batter was also good. We made dosas out of it. They came out well.


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