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And Now Dowry Calculator!

And Now Dowry Calculator! Yes, Anupam Mittal’s puts out India’s most hard-hitting Anti-Dowry Message.


And Now Dowry Calculator!

Anupam Mittal recently issued a hard-hitting public service announcement by, initiating a powerful anti-dowry movement in the nation. People across social media were introduced to a controversial “Dowry Calculator” on the portal, a tool that shockingly reveals the grim reality of dowry-related deaths in India, highlighting a staggering 1.8 lakh+ cases reported in the last 2 decades.
Despite a decline in reported cases over the years, the persistence of this issue underscores the urgent need for change. Mittal, recognizing the gravity of the situation, is steadfast in his belief that dowry is a social evil that must be eradicated to pave the way for a dowry-free society in India.
Harnessing the influential reach of, Mittal is rallying the nation’s youth to join the movement and be catalysts for change. His message is clear: “Be the Change, Make a Difference.”
Through this bold initiative, Anupam Mittal and are proving that true impact drives cultural shifts and can transform the society for the better.

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