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The Girl, who said “No” (Vth and the Last Part)

Part 5 Though the man’s face was stained with blood, his face was recognizable. Savitri started sobbing again. She was saying something incoherently. Kartik pushed back the casket and said soothingly, “It’s alright. He is dead.” “It’s him!” Savitri turned, shivering. “He must have jumped off at the wrong time. ...

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The Girl, who said “No” (IV)

Part 4 Getting bail for Savitri proved to be a minor legal snag, which Kartik got over, expertly. Then Kartik and Radha met the Iyers at their hotel room. “Savitri, we need to talk,” Kartik declared with finality. Silence. Savitri kept looking down at her wet hands. Large tear drops ...

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The Girl, who said “No” (III)

Part 3 The girl said with finality that the Iyers had to go. “Who is she?” Kartik questioned Kanetkar. “My first daughter,” he replied arrogantly. “How many children do you have?” “3. All daughters. The other 2 are married.” “Why has she not married?” At that all their faces paled. ...

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The Girl, who said “No” (II)

Part 2 “Anna, do something,” Radha pleaded. “I am trying. I am trying. She’s left her fingerprints all over the local train compartment, where Shruti’s body was found, even on the knife. Besides, Savitri Iyer is not talking,” Advocate Kartik Mahadevan said. “If she’d talk, it could help, since there ...

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The Girl, who said “No”

Part 1 It was 2 PM., during a March afternoon. The local train came to a halt at Andheri Station. She got down from the blue Ist class ladies compartment holding 2 heavy suitcases and a handbag. She appeared to be at the threshold of her 20s, beautiful and sober. ...

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The Body in the Boot! (II)

Part 2 Radha shifted to her brother’s place. She needed company. She got the best company she could have – her sister-in-law and her 2 children. Radha and Valli were childhood friends and still retained their affection for each other, after so many years. One evening they were watching television, ...

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The Body in the Boot!

Part 1 “I don’t know how the body came to be in my car. Believe me, Anna,” Radha Mahadevan was on the verge of tears. “I believe you sis. Tell me how you landed in the police station.” advocate Kartik Mahadevan asked consolingly, as they got into his car and ...

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The Hospital (Part III)

Part 3 That was it. Radha looked around for some heavy weapon. There was a big bottle of spirit on the table. Apparently the nurse was in the process of giving injections. Radha lifted the heavy bottle and ran uncomfortably towards Asha’s room. Slowly she peered into it. The white-coated ...

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