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Hand That Rocks The Cradle Rules The World!

Mother is that divine entity in our life, who retains us in her womb for about 9 months, before bringing us to this world. She remains a major part of our entire existence until we learn to survive on our own. Even after that she should have a special place in our hearts and in our lives forever. Many forget her contribution in their lives, discard her like unwanted clothes and leave her in old age homes. However, these two celebrity men find that their mothers are important part od their lives. Their mothers were initially apprehensive about their joining the acting field. But things got better eventually.
Arif Zakaria is best known for his portrayal of Emmi Begum, a eunuch, in Darmiyan (1997), which got him a National Award nomination for that year, among other roles. Aman Verma played Amitabh Bachchan’s son in Baghban (2003), besides his other TV and movie roles. Both their mothers are home makers. Arif adds that his mother “chose to stay at home at raise four kids.”
While Arif has one brother and 2 sisters, Aman has only 1 sister. Arif’s mother brought them up, “in a very traditional way, allowing us to develop our own personalities and minds.” Aman’s mother was like any other mother was “Very loving and affectionate. She gave us the best of the world. She always aspired to give me the best like every other mother.”

Arif Zakaria
Arif Zakaria

Support in Career: In a field like the movies, it is often difficult to get a foothold for oneself. Therefore, the support of the family, parents in particular is crucial. The mother’s emotional support goes a long way in helping one to create a niche for oneself, in any field for that matter.
Arif finds that whatever one achieves or aspires to be has the support of one’s parents. He insists, “They are the invisible force propping you through the labyrinth of life and its turns. My mother was a little taken aback when I decided to take up acting but now she is a fan, I presume!”
Aman’s Mom was also a little uneasy, when he decided to come to Mumbai to join the movies. He reminisces, “Mom’s been a very simple person. She never understood what I came to Mumbai for. Her family is from army. They have been salary and service ridden. She never understood acting, singing and dancing would get you money. Slowly she understood that there are other fields, too, which could earn you a living. But she was scared. She missed me. I don’t blame her. She didn’t want to lose her son in Mumbai. Her elder brother tried to get into films 40 years back. He went to England and moved away from them. When things didn’t work out for him, he had drunk himself to death. You understand the reason why she was very scared. She wanted me to aspire to work with Air Force as Indian Forces Pilot as I had cleared the entrance exam. Now finally she feels convinced. But whenever I go back she always asks when I would be returning home! She is a very simple person. If I were in a mythological show she would have watched me act.”

Aman Verma
Aman Verma

Best Quality: Arif says that his mother’s most redeeming quality would be her selflessness. He continues, “She has a quiet compassion and innate honesty in intent. There are many such instances to share of quiet compassion and tasks being executed by her to make my life easy.” In Aman’s opinion, it would be his mother’s patience. He says, “She has been very patient with her family. Silent and quiet, she would not give a lot of reaction. Wish I had the patience my mother has. Every time I meet her it’s memorable even today. 4-5 years back, I had gone back home for a vacation. She smacked me on my face! I realized I was just her son who had still not gone away.”


Message to the Readers: Arif Zakaria: Respect and love your parents for they aren’t going to be around forever. Show your love and concern now as there might not be another day.
Aman Verma: I have heard from people, “Maa ke pairon ke neeche jannat hoti hai” (There is heaven at one’s mother’s feet) and I firmly believe in that. She is the only person I am very close to.
This article was first published in Eve’s Times magazine and has been reproduced here with the permission of the editor, Swati Amar.

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