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An Astrological Case-Study
An Astrological Case-Study

Astrological Case-Study no. 3

already Continuing with our series on astrological case-studies, this is the Astrological Case-Study no. 3 in the series. Mitushi Palkar was good enough to share another one for today. She said, “Today, I will talk about a girl, Samiksha (name changed)who came to me in October 2017.”


What was the problem?

Last year, when she approached me she wanted a consultation regarding her marriage. She was then 33 years old and unmarried. Her younger sister was already married and the mother of a kid. Samiksha was worried about her own marriage and that she had become an obstacle in her brother’s marriage. According to her, she did not have any prospects for marriage at all.

What did you see in her charts?

When I analyzed her charts I saw that her charts were definitely showing late marriage. Also, the current time was not very favorable for her marriage. There was no strong marriage or Vivah Yog I could see. Her favorable time was to come after October 2018.

What remedies did you suggest?

According to her horoscope, I suggested that she wear a gemstone which was suitable for her. And apart from that, I told her to read a stotra daily and some other remedies too, that would help her in getting her married.

Did she follow your instructions?

Absolutely! She read the Stotra that I gave her every day and followed the other remedies too religiously. She didn’t wear the stone because she could not afford it.

How did she progress as a result?

Samiksha had such a wonderful progress! She called me in January 2018 and gave me two horoscopes of grooms to match with hers for marriage. According to her, both the boys and their families liked her and had given their consent for marriage. And now she had to take a decision choosing one of the options. So, she wanted to check which horoscope matched better with hers. Within three months of following my remedies, she not only had two positive prospects but she got a chance to choose the right partner for herself. And now she is happily married to one of them.

Astrologer Mitushi Palkar
Astrologer Mitushi Palkar

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