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Lord Krishna was born at 12 O' Clock

12 O’ Clock (Part XV)

During our conversation, Bittu had asked about celebrating Janmashtami and his inability to convince his father about it. We told him to speak to his parents when they are in a good mood. We told him to try and convince his father through his mother. He asked, “My parents don’t allow me to study post 12 O’ Clock at night. How will I convince them to perform pooja at that time?”


I said, “You ask Vanita Aunty to convince your parents. This time only place a photo of Lord Krishna and worship him with flowers, incense sticks, sandalwood paste, oil lamp and aarti with camphor. Being a North Indian, you can celebrate the festival on the next day as well. Being Hindus, it is all the more appropriate that we celebrate this festival. We know a Muslim doctor, who worships the Quran, Bhagavad Geeta and Bible together, every day. He regularly reads the books and grasps the resemblance between them to teach others. His endeavor is to reduce the conflicts arising out of religion and casteism.”

Sukhwinder said, “We will also worship Lord Krishna this time to convince your father.”

To be continued…

12 O' Clock
Lord Krishna was born at 12 O’ Clock

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