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Recently, we found an interesting insta influencer. She goes by the insta id of serendipity_n_zemblanity. Rashmi Bhatt is a Bareilly-based teacher, who inspires her insta followers through short yoga videos. A Journalist Reveals caught up with her after she returned from a family vacation to Corbet Tiger Reserve and did this interview.


You said you are a teacher. What subjects? What are your qualifications?

Yes, I teach English and science. My qualifications are  Bsc (Microbiology), MA (English) and B.Ed. I’ve also completed Vinyasa and ashtang Yoga Instructor course, 100 hrs HyTTC (ayurveda and yoga therapy), 200hrs HYTTC (intermediate) and 300 hrs (advanced yoga).

How were you attracted to the teaching profession?

I always enjoyed the company of children and I find teaching a very rewarding profession. Though it was not my first choice, I used to be a microbiologist but after having a kid, teaching as a profession, made it easier to manage work and home.

How do you take time out to be fit?

Fitness started as a hobby and became a passion. So, for me it’s a part of my daily routine and I don’t feel I am especially taking time out for it.

Rashmi Bhatt’s Serendipity_n_Zemblanity

You run an insta page called @serendipity_n_zemblanity. First, what made you start this page and secondly, what made you choose this name?

I started this page during the lockdown to participate in yoga challenges. This was a time when there were a few personal issues going on as well. Yoga  was something I started, by chance and which helped me gain strength both emotionally and physically, hence the name “serendipity_n_zemblanity”. Serendipity means finding something valuable or interesting by accident or something pleasant happening by chance.

How do you take time out to be a teacher as well as an influencer?

Well, during the pandemic since I have been working from home it’s been manageable. I have my English classes in the morning and yoga in the evening.

Your comments about the current education situation, given the pandemic and lockdown.

I think children are the most adaptable and for them probably it’s been easier to handle the change than us adults, though I do feel that school is more than just about academic learning and the students miss the social circle and activities. Most students are able to cope, but there is a learning loss, which is substantial in case of weaker students as they are not getting the extra attention they used to in a normal school scenario.

What do you see 10 years down the line – personally as well as professionally?

I don’t believe in planning too much, so just hoping for a happy and healthy life in the future.


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