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Questions from our Readers – October 2021

A Journalist Reveals received some questions from our readers this month, as well. Our resident Fortune Card Reader Sundaravalli replies to Questions from our Readers – October 2021.


I have completed MA, B.Ed. I want to join a government job. Do you think I can? – Satya Ramaswamy.

You are talented and will be able to find your way in the field you want. Accept it and surge ahead with confidence. The solution to your problem is round the corner. You need to accept the changes happening in your life because they indicate betterment of life. Just give the required exams to be eligible for the posts you want to apply for.

I am an MBA and want to work in Germany. Do I have any chances? – Nanda Sinha.

Angels are protecting you from negativity and guiding you in the right direction. Positive affirmations can help you achieve a better future. Achievement and success follow competitive spirit. Self-confidence and trust in yourself will take you a long way.


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