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Culinary Tips

We tend to waste the sugar syrup that remains after all the gulab jamuns are eaten. We are A Journalist Reveals think it can be made to good use, so we share some tips on how to reuse the syrup as follows:

  1. Take 3 parts of maida, 1 part rice flour. Add some salt and a little ghee (clarified butter). Make the batter into small balls and fry them in oil. Warm the sugar syrup a little. When the fried maida balls are added to the lukewarm sugar syrup, they form a delightful snack.
  2. Roast puffed rice (kurmura or thick poha, either will do) lightly and add it to lukewarm syrup to form another delicious snack.
  3. Likewise the sev (farsan) from the sweets shop can be added to lukewarm sugar syrup to form another snack.
  4. Remove the brown skin of peanuts and roast lightly. When added to lukewarm sugar syrup again you get another snack, everybody will love.
  5. Mix puffed rice (kurmura), peanuts and chickpeas (chana) and roast lightly. Again when added to lukewarm syrup, the mixture makes a great snack.

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