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Old Lady
Old Lady

Margashirsh Thursday (Part VI)

Old Lady
Old Lady (Photo for representation purpose only)

Goddess Lakshmi continued, “Now, she has been born in the royal family. But, she has forgotten everything about her previous birth and Lakshmi Pooja. I have come here to remind her of it.”


The maid asked Her more about the worship of Goddess Lakshmi and the procedure of it. Goddess Lakshmi in the guise of the old woman revealed to her all what she wanted to know. The maid thanked the old woman and went inside to inform her queen about what had just happened.

The queen had become haughty with the amount of wealth and prosperity that she had been enjoying. She got furious when she heard the message of the old woman. The queen also insulted the old lady. She even beat Her up with a stick. But, she did not realize that she was Goddess Lakshmi incarnate.

The arrogant behaviour of the queen prompted Goddess Lakshmi to leave the place. She decided to live in Her own abode. Thus, She left the city. At some distance, Princess Shyambala approached Her and was told about what had happened. The princess asked her forgiveness and requested Her to reveal the details of the pooja. Goddess Lakshmi felt pity for her and told her all about the worship. That day was first Margashirsh Thursday.

Shyambala performed the pooja with complete devotion. As a result, she got married to King Siddheshwar’s son Maladhar and she became prosperous as the Prince’s wife.

To be continued…


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